Wednesday, September 15, 2004

First Entry

Geez, writing the first entry is hard, and probably almost every blog starts with some variation on this sentence. Do you write about who you are, and why you are doing this? Or do you just jump in with where you are in your life currently? I think I'll start with where I am currently.

I am sick with a cold. I'm standing in my kitchen with my laptop on the newly cleaned counter. I am typing in between bites of the Trader Joes' Sweetened Corn Puffs cereal and soy milk that is my dinner tonight. It's been too hot, and I've been too sick to eat.

Tonight I'll be sleeping alone in the house for the first time since the prowler incident last week. I'm kind of nervous, but I think I can handle it. I have motion sensor security lights all around the house, I have crunchy loud branches laid down in front of the fence where the guy got in before. I've cut down the huge shrubs that made the house dark and secret at night. I have pepper spray, a cell phone and a big ass mag light that could crack heads. I've told all my neighbors and have a neighborhood watch in the works. I have wonderful neighbors who would be over here in a second.

I'll be fine.

Yep, fine. A week of fear and needing company at night is about all that I'm willing to tolerate. I have to admit that it was lovely spending all those nights with Scott. Would have been better without the little panic attacks that came with every sound in the yard, but it was still nice.

Okay, that ought to do for now....more later if I'm lying awake and freaking out


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