Friday, February 18, 2005

rainy day

I'm enjoying the rain and the view of the blossoming apricot tree outside my window. My sweetheart is feeling better, thank goodness! I was so worried! Now I am just hoping that he will follow up and see the neurologist.

I have been waiting an waiting for my wholesale license to come through, and I called the BOE today, and they were very helpful. My license will be mailed out on Tuesday, and they will also call me this afternoon and tell me my number. Then I can get moving with the business....hopefully I still have money left. My plan was to have the license before I got my tax refund, so that I wouldn't foolishly spend it all. But beauracracy can be slow.

The kids are at toobtown today with some friends, for a few hours. I wish that I had some energy. I pretty much haven't worked in two weeks, with the kids having last week off of school, and this week with Scott's sickness, and now I'm not feeling that great. I'm tired and probably coming down with a cold.

I have some papers to write for my small business class, and one is quite late, but I just got my textbook in the mail yesterday, so now I'll curl up on the couch and read about the exciting world of small business management.


Blogger mati rose said...

i wanna hear about your biz ideas! so cool. will you be able to come to our atlas cafe/studio party the 25th i think & i believe laurel & andy will be back for it! not sure, but you should come any way!

3:06 PM  

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