Thursday, April 06, 2006

a pox upon our house?

Zelia is sick again. Some sort of stomach virus I think. When I came to pick them up from school yesterday, she was lying face down on the playground trying to sleep. Now that was heart wrenching! She jumped up and said "oh mama, I've been waiting for you to come!" I guess that she had been to see the nurse and the nurse had tried to call, but I was out running errands.

She slept in the car and then threw up and fell asleep again.

She's feeling somewhat better today, but she's feverish and sleepy and has a bad headache. She had a smoothie and some ice water (she's wanting cold things), and is now back to sleeping on the couch. She wants me right with her. Poor little bunnyhead.

Pictures today will probably be delayed.


Blogger kate said...

Dang, man! That's awful! I wish I had some magic way to prevent ya'll from getting sick. Until then, good luck. . . I hope she gets well soon.

1:56 PM  

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