Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Art Show Jitters

The picture below this post is of one of the embroidery pieces that is currently in a group show at Roshambo Gallery . When I made these things, I loved them. The two that were chosen were actually not my favorite. Now I'm slightly embarrassed by them. The show has been hanging for 4 days already, and I haven't gone to see it. You'd think I would, since this is my first gallery show. They're running it like an auction, so they are having a closing party and live auction in November, rather than an opening party. Of course I have fears that my stuff will be the only work that doesn't sell.

I have another show in October at Moxie. I'm going to show paintings there, I'll have an entire wall, and I still don't have them all done. I'm excited about that one, it's going to be mixed media paintings on wood blocks that I got at Creative Reuse. I'm hoping to have some of my crafty stuff for sale there at that time too. Handbags and little zippered pouches and stuff like that.


Blogger Scott said...

I know it's nerve-wracking, but thrusting your art in to the burning spot-light will help you develop and grow as an artist. Your stuff is good, I really like it. The stuff you have hanging may be simple, but it invites greater thought because of it's simplicity.

11:31 AM  

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