Wednesday, January 26, 2005

I Heart Meredith

My friend Carey is doing an art project that is super funny and sweet. She's having t-shirts printed up that say "I <3 Meredith" (that's supposed to be a heart), and she's selling them at Martina's store.

It makes me laugh, and makes me feel all warm inside.

She says, "Well, who doesn't love you? I'm going to make so much money, and even if they don't know you they'll think it's cool and random to wear a shirt that says I heart Meredith"

I went with her and her twins today to pick out the shirts and then she took them to the printer, so they should be done by Feb. 1st.



Blogger mati rose said...

i want one!
ps- if you figure out the listing peeps on the side of your blog... can u let me know too please?

6:24 PM  

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