Tuesday, January 11, 2005

just going to keep going

I'm just going to keep posting my usual stream of consciousness stuff, until I figure out what I'd really like to write about. I've stumbled onto blogs about all sorts of things, and it's fascinating. There are blogs and blog communities about everything you can imagine. I used to read lots of mom/homeschooling/unschooling blogs. Now I read lots of craft and art blogs, and the ones my friends write.

Tonight I found an interesting one, Manolo's Shoe Blog
which is a funny blog about designer shoes. Which surprisingly, I'm actually interested in. Even though I am not a super fantastico dresser, I do quite love well made Italian leather shoes. I don't wear them, but I have a few pairs of them. I only own about 8 pairs of shoes, and I wear only a few of them. My black Dansko's, my comfy black Born's and my oxblood Doc Marten Mary Jane's. But when I'm thrift shopping for things to sell on ebay, I sometimes will come across gorgeous shoes that are too well made and lovely to sell. Maybe I'll post some photos of my small nice shoe collection.


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