Friday, March 25, 2005

weekly thrift report

I didn't post this earlier in the week, because I've been busy. Also because what I've been buying lately has been a bit dull. Those of you who need a little extra cash, take note, it's easy to sell clothes on ebay. People like to buy regular, unremarkable brand name clothing. This week I sold a pair of jeans for $62.00! So I've been combing the thrift stores for new looking clothing, with at least a little style.

The things I found to sell this week are okay, nothing extraordinary: some banana republic work clothes, ann taylor stuff, j. jill, oh and one hot little prom dress from the 70's.

I did find some stuff that I may have to keep. I got a Hundertwasser silk screened exhibition poster, and I've loved his work for a long time, and it's such a cool print. I got a pretty lotus engraved wooden box that is perfect for colored pencils (and already had some in it). I got a pretty Frankoma jar and a copper sauce pan, and a lego table for the kids. ($17.50 total)


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