Saturday, April 02, 2005

spring and cleaning

It's been a bit of a busy week, but nice. The weather is spring-y and warm. My kids' best friends are back from their trip to Mexico and they played together for two days in a row, while I helped my friend (their mom) move her stuff out of her ex-boyfriend's house. Not a great fun job, but necessary.

It's one of the many things making me cast a critical eye on my own house. I need to get RID OF STUFF. Rid, rid rid, of stuff! Only keep what makes me happy, and what is useful.

My kids are with their grandma today, so I've had some time to work on things.

Tomorrow Scott and I are building shelves that he designed! Yay! I'll post photos.

The other news on my house, is that my friend Justine, the one with the great house who is starting a staging company, is possibly going to use one of the rooms in my house for a before and after photo. I'll post those too. I'm very excited about it.


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Blogger Nightmare said...

Spring cleaning, indeed.

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