Friday, May 13, 2005

Postcard Exchange Further Explained

Alright! It looks like we have plenty of swappers for the postcard exchange, so here are the details.....
1)If you for sure want to participate, send an email to me monstertown at so that I can make an email list of all the swappers. Please do this as soon as possible. The list will be closed by May 20th.

2)The cards should be made, not bought, but you can draw, paint, print, use your computer, take a photo, sew....whatever you'd like. You'll have to make one for everyone who is participating (probably around 20 people, but I'll know for sure once I get the emails)

3)The theme that we came up with "Summertime Creatures" can be openly interpreted or ignored entirely. That part doesn't really matter. Just make some art that you want to share.

4) We have quite a few international participants, so you have to be willing to mail your card overseas.

5)The deadline for mailing the cards will be June 20th, further details about how it will work will be sent out to everyone participating as soon as I get the list together.

Yay! Art + Mail = great!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I want to join the postcard exchange!

Please send me a confirmation at

YAA HOO! Snail Mail & E-mail working together!

6:00 PM  

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