Saturday, May 07, 2005

happy mother's day

The day I got my desk, I pretty much happily sat there for about 8 hours, half doing work, half admiring my new desk. I'm considering it my mother's day gift to myself.

I got some wonderful little handmade gifts from my kids already, they gave them to me Friday morning, they couldn't wait. They were little ceramic tile trivets for hot things. They are really pretty, and I'm going to use them every morning, when I set my hot teapot and cup of tea on my beautiful desk. Wouldn't want to mar the wood!

I don't usually care much for mother's day. It always makes me kind of pissed off because my mom is dead, and I never got much credit from the kids' dad. This year should be alright. I'll take the kids for a morning walk to the cafe (if it's not raining), and over to their dad's house and then go and do something with Scott for his mom. Then later at night, I'm going to go out dancing with a bunch of other moms, and I can't wait. I've really been craving it.


Blogger Don Tate II said...

My daughters always act really crappy on Fathers day. I've decided this year, I'm planning a blow out. That way, it won't make any difference and I wont feel cheated. They can come along, and if they dont, oh well.

4:02 PM  

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