Friday, June 24, 2005

so tired

Today has been exhausting. I hope that it ends soon.

It's hot, I'm still not feeling better, but I've been compelled to tackle a bunch of yard work that I've put off for way too long. My landlord walked by yesterday and yes the state of my yard was not good. My lawnmower has been broken for a while, passers by have littered in my rosebushes, things are overgrown and not tidy and well kept at all. I'll admit it.

I feel very anxious when things get like that, when even crackheads walking by say "Your yard looks like it needs work, do you need a gardener?" Yes, I need a gardener, but I can't afford one. It makes me feel like things are out of control, and with this lingering sinus thing, I don't have the energy to manage it all.

This blog will perk up soon...

I have been doing a few projects that I wanted to write about. If you want to read something good, read this


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