Monday, September 12, 2005

omg don't panic

Martina wants me to have my opening one week sooner than we had talked about before. So everything is pushed forward. I am trying not to freak out. I mean it's only one week less, right?

She does have a bit less wall space now, so that's good, and I have already completed several paintings.

I want to make this show really beautiful and interesting to people. I want to tell little bits of stories. I have lots of ideas for little series' of paintings. I also need to stop looking at artists' websites. I get this weird kind of sadness looking at all of the beautiful work, and I think that it could be pointless for me to pursue artmaking.

Anyway, here is my to do list, as I see it right now:

50 small block paintings
3 large multicolor screenprints
8 medium encaustic paintings
6 large encaustic paintings
new series of 5 small gocco prints

get postcard design to printers
get t-shirt designs to Martina (we're making 3 limited edition t-shirts for the show)
talk to screenprinter about having large prints made
mailing list
press release?

Okay, computer off for the day (except for business!)


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