Monday, March 13, 2006

a bit of news

Scott bought me a flickr pro account and now I cannot stop looking at Flickr and joining groups. Flickr is just such a great community website and there is too much to look at.

You've got to try this. It's called Flickr Leech and you type in any date and it gives you a huge page of thumbnails based on interestingness. Very cool. Try it in a week or two though, the maker of it just had to take it down, probably due to bandwidth problems, because it was just featured on

I'm working on a new blog and I'm very excited about it. It's called "The Art of Finding" and it's all about thrift shopping, reuse, salvageing, serendipity, and also making a living with ebay. I have big big plans for it. I'll post the link when it's ready. I'm trying to learn to use wordpress, so that I can make it pretty.


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