Wednesday, January 17, 2007


thrift store painting on burlap
shrinky dinks by Will Smith
sculpture by Laurel Roth and a painting that she bought for Scott from Adobe Books and I can't remember who painted it but it's awesome. Pirate ship on cardboard.

It's "art month" on Apartment Therapy, and they are asking people to photograph the way that they display art in their homes. Scott and I have a pretty big art collection, and it's growing all the time. We have lots of pieces that are waiting for frames, or to be hung and I have a bit of a difficult time figuring out where to put it all without it looking chaotic.

Our collection is mostly from local artists and San Francisco artists, with some thrift store pieces and some tiny showcase prints for good measure. I decided that I probably should catalog it in some way, so I'm taking photos and putting them in a set on flickr.


Blogger mimulus said...

great idea,,,,the cataloguing. they say your supposed to do that for insurance reasons, like if you had a fire or earthquake you have a record of it all. As if you coudl replace one of kind art. but i love how you have your things displayed. so nice to have high ceilings so you can use the moldings above windows a picture rail!

7:08 AM  
Anonymous casapinka said...

Your home looks so happy and colorful and I can't wait to go have a look at your art collection. I thought your encaustic piece was solovely and peaceful. I would love to learn encaustic but I guess I would have to dredge up some sort of talent for painting or drawing, now wouldn't I?

6:48 AM  

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