Tuesday, May 01, 2007


I haven't posted since March 16! That's just shocking. I've been keeping this blog for nearly three years now, and I'm not sure I've ever gone this long without posting.

I've been trying to spend less time on the computer, and I've been working on my garden, which is coming along nicely.

A few family news items: my son turned 13!, my daughter has re-started her blog and would appreciate any nice comments.

A few things to look at on the internets :
Carson Ellis has a blog of drawings.
Bill Moyers interviews Jon Stewart and of course it's excellent.

And a photo:
a little ceramic hedgehog, found at a thrift store.



Blogger mama craftay said...

oh that hedgie is adorable.

i missed you! welcome back! i'm blogging anew at www.feileacan.com/Blog

9:36 PM  
Blogger monkeyporkbun said...

oh great hedgehogs of venice! that is really cute. great to see you m! see you tomorrow!

2:04 PM  

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