Friday, September 24, 2004

yesterday and today

I'm progressing nicely with my goal this week. Yay for me. I finished my ten ebay listings today, yesterday I didn't do any, because I had a wretched headache the whole time the kids were in school, so I just curled up in bed and watched "Mean Girls". Nothing like a teen movie when you're feeling bad. I drove down to Petaluma to meet S. at 4:45, and we went to El Sobrante to get some cheap parts for his currently non-running BMW 2002.

Driving through El Sobrante he said "These homes are wack", which I thought was super funny, and I want to do a little suburban photo zine with that for a title. Traffic was horrid on the way home, we amused ourselves while standing still on the big bridge, by shooting photos of lights and cars and things with the shutter open for 2.5 seconds. That and complaining about how hungry and exhausted we were, and making bad jokes. We ate dinner at like 8pm at Whole Foods in Marin, and drove back to Petaluma like zombies.

Now I suppose I should work on my house or my paintings for Moxie.


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