Saturday, September 18, 2004

Sonoma County Whine Festival

Took the kids down to the book fair this morning. I wanted to see what the Free Mind people had, and I wanted to see the zines and comics that Trevor and his friends were selling. We went early to avoid the heat. Zelia rode her little bike, and Sylvan rode his scooter. We saw Xenia and Ava and Dani and Ben and Desiree and Scott. That was nice, and I got to spend some time walking around with Ava holding my hand. Xenia and Sylvan ran around together playing chase.

I am very broke right now, but I brought a few dollars and some quarters so that I could buy some zines and a food not bombs sticker for Sylvan's scooter. I figured I could buy each kid a used book at the friends of the library booth, but Zelia wanted a shiny new book from some other place and started a whiny baby talk chant of "booky booky booky"(she is six and a half, so she shouldn't be talking like that!) and I had to take her and sit down on the curb with her until she could stop. I had to try to reason with her and show her that $7.00 was all I had, for real, that's it and no more, so we could either buy a used book for $1.50 or a neat hand made comic for $1-$3, or alternately if she couldn't stop the incessant whining, we could go home with nothing.

The ride home was no fun either, it was cold-ish and windy and she was sooooooo tiiiiiirrrred, that she couldn't really cope. Her bike tipped over and she crashed into the ivy near the Sears store. We were all hungry and I had a no coffee yet today headache. Ugh. They both ate huge lunches.

Now I am going to lie down with my new comics and possibly take a little nap.


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