Saturday, September 18, 2004

my cat is a bastard

The kids and I had just finished reading Pippi Longstocking, snuggled up in my big bed, when I heard a crash in the living room, and went out to investigate. It was Jack, our cat who just jumped in the living room window and knocked over a basket of toys. He went tearing into my room, and I went to the kitchen to get the bed time glasses of water.

Then there was screaming from my room, and Sylvan came running in saying "I can't look!!!! I can't look!!!!" "Jack's got a BIRD!!!!!" Sure enough, tiny feathers all over my floor, and Jack has a bird in his mouth and under his paws, and then he lets it go flop and fly around and then he gets it again. We're all yelling, and I'm smacking at the dumb cat, trying to get him away from the bird, while the bird still seems to have a chance to live. They are wanting to call the animal hospital. Finally we get Jack shut out of my room, but we can't find the bird.

We search and search and finally find it huddled behind a box in my office. I gently scoop it into a small box and carry it out to the rose hedge, where all the little birdies live, figuring that even if it can't fly, it can hop up into the branches and be safe there. I tenderly put the box down under the dark hedge, and took the lid off. Not even one second later, that cat jumped out from where he was hiding (which turned out to be right there under the rose bush), grabbed the bird in his mouth and took off across the street to the park.

I chased him, but he went under the chain link fence around the new construction, and resumed killing the bird.

I couldn't belive it. I saved the bird, and then practically fed it to Jack. Damn.


Blogger tuktuk said...

i had almost the same thing happen (scott saw it and probably told you) and was fuckin HORRIFIED. me, the lover of weird little animals everywhere, who wants in all her ungirly goofyassed heart to be snow white in the forest with a bluebird on my finger and a fawn at my feet and a leopard and a turtle and a weasel and a monkey and and and.... i peeked into the nest on our neighbors porch to see the baby birds and startled them so that one fluttered frantically by my face as i perched on a chair and INSTANTLY, the very second it touched the ground, was grabbed by a neighbor cat (ask scotty about the weird skinny cat that jumped 6 feet in the air that adopted us for a few weeks) and rushed off to under a bush. crunching sounds followed. all so fast i was still standing on the chair looking suprised.

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