Monday, December 20, 2004

not so good

I worked my tail off and made lots of good stuff for the craft fair, and so did my friend Justine, but to no avail. We didn't really sell anything and we both ended up tired and grouchy and with sore backs from being crammed into a little corner. Plus we got a parking ticket.

On the up side, the people were all really nice, and everybody had good stuff and I bought and traded for some good xmas presents.

And now since I still have all that good stuff, I can give that away for gifts too.

Friday, December 17, 2004

no time....

I'm way behind on stuff for the mama buzz craft fair. My screenprinting didn't turn out the way I'd wanted, and I didn't get enough of the little zippered pouches made. I think I have 7 of them. I wanted to make 20, but my sewing machine decided to break. And my good friend is in major crisis, and needs attention. I think it will be a late late night for me tonight!

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

moldy yuckiness

I found a big patch of fuzzy mold on Sylvan's carpet in his room, underneath his desk, where his ceiling was leaking. You can smell the damp moldiness in his room and it's awful and unhealthy! The maintenance guy said that he fixed the leak in the roof. I'm thinking I'd like to pull up the carpet in there and replace it with wood flooring or even pergo type stuff. Poor little guy.

Maybe tomorrow on my way to visit Scott, I'll stop in at the building supply store and see how much it would cost to do that.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

i don't know

How have I managed to get this far in life, without knowing the joy that a hot glue gun can bring???

It makes making stuff so easy!!

Monday, December 13, 2004


My weekend was great. Very great.

The holiday art fair went well, and everyone there was so nice. I am really grateful that they let me come down and share their space. I sold a few things and made some trades and met nice creative people.

Susannah Bettag, the artist who let me show my things in her studio space was especially nice, and I love her artwork. Check out her website.

Scott was able to come with me and be my moral support, but not, as he was kind enough to point out, be my social crutch. I tell you, this guy is good. I got to see him on Saturday and on Sunday and that made me happy.

Saturday, December 11, 2004


Well, I don't have as much stuff for the show tomorrow as I had wanted. I have a few new paintings that are kind of okay, but not quite what I was hoping.

I realized that out of all the block paintings from my last show, I only have 15 left! I thought that I had way more, so I am going to stay up late tonight, making more. I also need to make some more prints.

I wish that I was more pleased with the work that I have to bring. Oh well.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

nervousness and boats and making things

I found out that Scott may possibly be able to come with me to the Holiday Art Fair in the city on Sunday, which would be nice because I'm so nervous, and if he's with me, I'll feel way better.

That's only if he isn't slowly chugging up to Petaluma from San Francisco, in his new boat. He's nervous about that, just as nervous as I am, or maybe more so. See

It all depends on the weather. He may do it on Friday, or he may do it on Sunday, depending on the weather.

I've been working this week on some new paintings, and also have been sort of reworking some older ones. I've done a bunch of little screenprints. I hope to do a new design tomorrow, but I only have one little screen left, and I prefer multi-screen designs.

Tomorrow I'm going to take a look at my little wooden blocks and see what I have left from the last show, and start working on a few more. L. says I should ask for double what I was asking. That's pretty exciting...and hard to do. But if I could make some decent money this weekend, everything would be much easier for me this month.

Okay, I'd better get to sleep. Lots to do tomorrow.

rasterbator image on z's wall Posted by Hello

About the Wall of Water

It has been raining non stop since last night, and unfortunately, my old house is rather leaky. My bedroom wall has filled with big juicy pockets of yellowed rainwater. The plaster and paint just swells until it drips out of the bottom and runs down the wall. I popped as many bulges as I could reach last night, so the water wouldn't pool and do more damage, but damn! It's terrible.

I have to call the landlord today about it, and I'm kind of stressed about that, because I'm so busy, and the house is a mess, and I hate having the landlord people come over when it's like this. It makes me feel terrible.

Oh well...enough writing, back to work!

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Flyer for this Sunday's Holiday Art Fair in the Mission Posted by Hello

My wall, full of water! Posted by Hello

Monday, December 06, 2004

another monday

Second Monday in a row, without much accomplished. I found out this morning that I get to participate in a show in the city next Sunday (6 days from now), which is exciting and kinda scary. Of course I feel like none of the stuff I have already is quite good enough. I'd like to have some new stuff to show. Maybe some embroideries, and some paintings.

I'll keep you posted.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Frost on the windshield of our car this morning. Sylvan took this photo, from the inside of the car looking out. The frost was thick and blue and pretty. Oh...and cold! Posted by Hello

Trying to get a hug from her brother.  Posted by Hello

7th Birthday Sushi Happiness!!! Posted by Hello

time to sleep

People drive some crazy vehicles down my street. At least it sounds like it in the night, when the loud clanky broken sounding cars, the harleys, the gas powered scooters, the shopping carts stand out against the cold quiet.

I should go to sleep now, but I'm going to do a bit of online xmas shopping and try again to post those photos.

Don't let me forget to send xmas cards and photos of the kids to my relatives this week or next.

trying to

I've been trying since about 7pm to post pictures from Z's birthday, but my little Hello Bloggerbot thingy is really not working. And they were cute too...dang.

Otherwise, today has been pretty good. Kids went to school, carpooling, home to work on stuff for the Mama Buzz cafe craft fair, errands, and a brief stop for lunch with Scott and Gary in Scott's driveway (it was warmer than the house). Dog sat next to me the whole time, looking up all hopeful. He knows that I'm a complete sucker. A short and welcome stop. Good lunch too..(thanks Scott).

I did some xmas shopping, got some things that were on the kids' lists. I got some supplies for the mama buzz thing. I ran to a few yarn stores looking for a local supplier of merino roving, but no luck. I'll have to order some. Someone ordered two of my scarves for xmas gifts, and that makes me happy.

Went to the school and picked up the kids, home, snacks for them, speech therapist for S. Zelia and Madi from next door played with the new window markers I bought today. I thought the kids could use them to decorate the windows for the holidays.

They ended up getting in a strange screaming fight, and Lacey and I had to give them some time apart, Z had a meltdown in her room, and near the end of it, Spring and Djuna showed up. Everyone calmed down and it was good. It left me a bit distracted, but I eventually recovered. Madi and Lacey and Achilles came over again later, and everyone played and that was great. In between that there was dinner and more snacks and some phone calls.

Now I had better go read the bedtime stories.

I'll try to post the photos again later.