Friday, January 28, 2005

new artwork

I got all excited and inspired this morning with sort of a twinkling flash of an idea about where to take my embroidery artwork. I really hope that I can make it turn out the way I saw it in my brain. I've always done stuff with textiles. Dyeing, sewing, quiltmaking, feltmaking, embroidery, etc.

Last fall I had a couple of pieces of my embroidery in a show at Roshambo, and I've been thinking of ways to expand on what I had going on with that stuff.

I did a bit of work on it today, and it's kind of alright, but not what I want it to be yet.

After I get my kids to bed, which should be very soon, Spring is going to come over to do projects, drink beer, and watch a movie. Yay!


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