Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Brendan Monroe

Oh how I love Brendan Monroe's artwork!! I wish that I could go and see his upcoming solo show at Giant Robot SF on July 9 (opening from 6:30 -10 pm).

I was lucky enough to be in a postcard swap recently, that he was also in and I got a beautiful print from him. When I sent my card to him, I included a letter, telling him how much I admired his work and he wrote back, causing me to squeal girlishly!


Blogger shash said...

what a delicious painting. i can see why you like him! also enjoyed your post about your kids brother and sister day. very sweet.

7:31 PM  
Blogger nif said...

which postcard exchange was this? was it 'the lab'? (i'm a local artist and a fan of brendan's work, as well. nice blog you've got goin'... i found it, oddly, through a google search on gocco pens.)

6:49 PM  

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