Thursday, September 22, 2005

"pet" to blog day

This is Jack. He is a cat that lives in my house. I hesitate to call him a pet because if you try to pet him, he will bite you. He is a mean and kind of crazy cat, but he's pretty. We adopted him from the shelter as a birthday present for my daughter when she was turning three. We chose him above all the others, because he had a note on his cage about how we was the best cat in the world, so loving and sweet and the owner was devastated about having to give him up. Either that woman was lying through her teeth, or he was in some other cat's cage!

When we got him home, the children were terrified of him. He would hide under furniture and randomly jump out and bite people. He would let them pet him a few times and then bite them. He's pretty terrible. Z keeps insisting that he's getting nicer, and sometimes that's true. We have learned only to ever pet him when he comes into bed in the morning and butts against our hands, and then only ever on the face, because that's how he likes it.


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