Tuesday, November 01, 2005


I've decided that I need a studio. Doing encaustics on the table that we are supposed to eat dinner on adds an element of chaos to our house that I just don't need! I'd like a dual purpose space I think, with room for painting, and for doing ebay (storing inventory, taking photos, and shipping). The problem is that the only space I have is my shed/garage thing that contains what the kids and I call "the black widow pit", which is not that creative a name for it, because it's literally a 5 foot deep pit in the floor that is crawling with black widow spiders. It has a heavy wooden lid over it though, so you can walk on it. Plus it has no electricity and no light.

Maybe I can make it work anyway. I'll have to get out my copy of this Japanese book about the studios of female artists in Paris and look through it again for some inspiration (although none of these look like they had to contend with a black widow pit).


Blogger Amy said...

Hi. I know we're all "kind to all living things, etc." but we're talking Black Widows here. I looked up some pest control info -- there's this stff called Demon WP that gets rid of them and can be used indoors. info on this web site as well as some super disgusting photos of spider bites. Bon apetit!

9:26 AM  
Blogger Amy said...

Oops. forgot to copy the web address -- www.epestsupply.com/spiders.htm

9:26 AM  
Blogger laurel said...

i say rig a cow with explosives, send it in, when the spiders attack the cow, push the button! problem solved. or get us friends to help clean it out and build a table or whatever.

11:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your garage is perfect. It just needs to be cleaned out, drywall and a big power cord. after, of course, taking care of the black widows.

Let's organize a work party. with a few people it could be done in a day.


12:15 PM  
Blogger kate said...

I just noticed a 3 bedroom house for rent on our street. . .with a studio in back of it. Just move on in. Then your worries will all disappeear.

1:36 PM  

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