Friday, October 28, 2005

delayed by cuteness

Sorry it took me so long to finish the post, I had massive Halloween scrambling to do, and lots of driving all over the county. Here is what I got:

It's a beautiful Louet S10 spinning wheel, just like brand new!!! And I got if for so cheap. Now I can spin yarn with all the tons of merino wool that I have!

I found a lot of wonderful stuff this week. I think I might start doing a weekly report of all of my favorites each week.

Now for the cuteness...a Halloween parade at the kids' school. It was supposed to be outside in the downtown area of the cute little town where their school is, but it is pouring rain today, so they had it in the gym and all the kids paraded around and around and it was absolutely adorable! Sadly, it was kind of dark in the gym so most of my pictures are blurry. And I saw a friend there! Anna was there with her two cute little ones, and Anna was beautifully dressed up like Frida Kahlo. I think that she should wear flowers braided into her hair all the time.

My son, the werewolf

Both of my critters

One of my least blurry photos...aren't those little kids cute?!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I recognize the kids in the bottom picture too!
I thought of you today. I went to the Legion of Honor and they had a cool exhibition on fiber and fashion and there was some amazing felted things. One was a full size felted ball gown that looked like fire.
congratulations on your great aquisition.


9:28 PM  

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