Thursday, January 05, 2006

ever better?

Spring said that reading my blog, we sound like a bunch of pale sickly people over here, and I suppose she could be right. Last night brought Z to my bed at 4 am with a high fever, moaning and saying that her tummy hurt. That is never good news and usually means a long sleepless night and a lot of laundry.

She really is feeling bad. I think she might have strep throat. She gets that about every other year, and it's terrible.

Sylvan and I have a deep cough that is the remnants of this last cold, and we sound terrible.

I put in a call to our wonderful doctor, and hopefully I'll hear back from her soon. (We have a doctor who is kind and smart and conscientious and....she does house calls!)

Our dr. has dropped by and says that both the kids and I have a walking pneumonia. This explains a lot.

She prescribed a few things, and says that we should all get lots of sleep and fluids. (for Spring and others, it takes prolonged close contact to catch it from us, like sleeping in the same room for several nights, so don't worry!)


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