Thursday, March 02, 2006

30dayphoto 2


This is day two of the 30dayphoto challenge. I made this little guy from the fabulous instructions over on MollyChicken. My daughter wanted a new warm pack pillow thing for Christmas, and she loves cute stuffed animals, so I thought that I'd combine the two. I made this bear out of wool fabric, with cheapo acrylic felt for the ears and legs and I stuffed it with buckwheat hulls. When Z heated it up to use as a warmer, it made the most godawful acrid burning smell, like a mixture between burnt popcorn and burnt hair and wet fur. Ugh, I had to take the little guy and toss him out on the porch, hopefully to air out.

While he was out there, our evil cat Jack took rather a liking to him. Jack loves four things in this life, sunny spots to lie down in, biting people, wool, and cigarette smoke, so this burnt smelling wool creature is just right for him. Now this panda belongs to Jack. Jack takes most of his naps right on top of the panda, and if the panda gets knocked off of the chair, he somehow gets it right back up there. Posted by Picasa


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Anonymous Cate said...

That is so cute, and such a great idea! Would you mind if I asked how you make a warming pack? What do you fill it with, and how do you heat it up? I have a very drafty bedroom, and have been looking for something warm to sleep with (other than my squirmy cat), but I can't seem to find anything. Thanks for the inspiration!

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