Wednesday, April 19, 2006

my boy is 12!!

I can hardly believe it sometimes, but it's true, I now have a 12 year old son. 12!! 12 years old! He is the sweetest, funniest, kindest, smartest and silliest 12 year old that there is. Also he is now taller than I am.

It's funny, when you have a little baby and older parents tell you that it "goes by so fast" you secretly kind of don't believe them, because when kids are little you are so focused in a way that makes time crawl by and every day seems super long. But really it's true, it goes by so fast and suddenly your little tiny baby is over 5 ft. tall and can pick you up and give you a piggy back ride.

Anyway, we celebrated his birthday yesterday with presents and cake and his cousin spent the night, and Scott's parents dropped by with a nice gift and the family "Birthday Hat" for Sylvan to wear. It was lovely. We'll have a bigger party with friends and school kids in a few weeks after Spring Break is over.

Oh how I love this boy.


Blogger mati rose said...

happy b-day to sylvan! so sweet is this post. i have a 15 year old brother and feel like he is still 3!!! time flies.

9:54 AM  
Blogger Kim Carney said...

time flies, I look at my 14 year old and see my 4 year old, where did the time go?

8:45 AM  

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