Thursday, January 18, 2007

heath ceramics

I'm sure that I have mentioned my love of Edith Heath's ceramics here before. I just love the stuff. The glazes are so beautiful, the shapes are so elegant, and it's sturdy and strong and just pretty much perfect.

Our local museum has realized the greatness of Heath as well and they are putting on an exhibit ...a Heath exhibit!!! It opens this Saturday, January 20. And when I read the blurb about it I find out that it's in conjunction with the publication of a book!!!! And then I ordered the book in about three seconds flat! I love you, internet.

All of this pottery love makes me feel like a total nerd by the way, because now every time I think of Heath pottery, which unsurprisingly is embarrassingly often, I think of the time that I met the man who makes the molds for Heath.

I guess he is a friend of my friend Andy, and he came to open studios and when they were talking near me, I heard him talking about Heath and my ears perked up, and then they went up to see Laurel's work and I said to Scott, "I think that guy is from Heath" and he said, "Oh, I didn't tell you before? Yeah, he totally works for Heath, he's the mold maker." and I think that I was gone before he finished that sentence.

I went up to her studio too, trying to act all casual, but I was flustered and I felt like...well just very nerdy and kind of starstruck, and I started talking to the guy about Heath and he was really nice and friendly.

And then later, Laurel told me that the whole time I was talking to the guy, I was clutching a drawing that my little friend Djuna had made for me that said "I Love You." I was clutching an "I Love You" picture and pointing it at the Heath guy! And I was probably all red too. ...sigh.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

not nerdy - TOTALLY FREAKIN ADORABLE! it still makes me giggle to think about you, kinda blushing and doing that big blue eye/fluttering eyelash thing up at him, clutching a paper heart with "i love you" to your chest.
thanks, i've got another headache, i needed that giggle.

10:50 AM  
Blogger mati rose said...

that makes me laugh hard! thanks for sharing. it's such a hunky name-- heath, sorta breathy.

11:05 AM  
Blogger mimulus said...

ok...have you seen the tile overstock list at the heath site? Half off! Goodness knows what I wuld do with tile, but I have been threatening to make an outdoor graden tile quilt installation...up for a road trip?

8:32 AM  

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