Tuesday, October 26, 2004


I've been working like a mad weasel, making stuff, filing papers, and thinking thinking thinking. The little taste of success that I had this month has made me so happy. And it's given me confidence that the things I'm making are worthwhile, and that there may be people out there who want to have them.

I got myself a domain name and webhosting, and I'm going to make a website in the next few weeks to sell some things. I would love to sell the work of other artists and craftspeople from around here too. I'm going to sell paintings and prints, and t-shirts(once i get the money to order them), notebooks and other paper goods, felt stuff, and felt making kits (i'm so excited about those right now), and handbags with my monsters and other designs on them. I have lots of ideas.

I have some plans for marketing, and there are lots of people I know who I am wanting to ask if I can carry their work.

Hopefully I can manage all of this, and parenting, and school. I think I can.


Blogger mati rose said...

you go! you can do my homework assignments too:) the obsessiveness assignment is basically what we do as artists & blogging for that matter, right?

11:17 PM  
Blogger Chuck Rose said...

I just left you a comment on my blog in response to yours, but I forgot to mention something you may find interesting if you are looking for a way to sell t-shirts and other items with your artwork on it. Take a look at www.cafepress.com. They do ondemand printing on all kinds of products. You can set up a store page for free on their site and fill it with products with your images on them. When someone orders something they create it on demand and ship it out. This means you don't have to buy inventory. I have ordered shirts , mugs, notebook and cards with my work on them and I really liked to quality. Just wanted to pass it on.

And oh yea, I'll let you know whn that portrait is done. :-)

11:31 AM  

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