Sunday, November 07, 2004

it was okay

I actually had a pretty horrible, stressful and emotionally trying day. There were a few times when I just wanted to curl up in someone's arms and cry.

But things got better later in the day. The art auction closing party was tonight and it went well, my things got plenty of bids and both sold at decent prices. The kids came with me, and Spring and Todd and Djuna were there, and my ex mother in law and sister in law and her husband and kids and D's cousin too. And Dani and Jessamyn were there too, and her pieces sold as well, and she gave me an excellent mix-cd.

I had two glasses of good wine and felt pretty silly. There was a dj and the kids got funky on the dance floor. The three of them (my two and my nephew) were really dancing and having fun, along with a cute guy and a cute girl who was wearing cat ears. My seven year old nephew busted out some secret breakdancing moves , including a fricking head spin. (sorry Scott)

Larissa and Aaron actually have some money and they bid on two pieces and won one. When A got it home, he realized that the artist's name wasn't anywhere on it, and he couldn't remember what it was. He really doesn't want to have to call the gallery and what did I buy???

I hope I put my name on my stuff! I think I did.

After the dancing, Spring and I went to another art show .

I'm home now and ready for bed. I was sad that S. had other obligations, and couldn't be there.


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