Friday, November 05, 2004

when i don't get out of my pajamas

when i don't get out of my pajamas i write about a hundred (okay about 8 or so) pointless emails to my boyfriend with dumb random stuff i found on the internet, today it's all about political things. and funny things like what happens if you go to google and type "miserable failure" and hit the i'm feeling lucky button. or if you type in "weapons of mass destruction" and do the same thing.

i think usually he appreciates lots of emails because it gives him something to do while he's sitting there at work all day, waiting for graphics to render, or for things to print, etc.

today i think he was busy all day, so i've just been talking to myself via email and blogger.

now my children are chasing each other back and forth through the house because, like me, they are bored out of their minds.

okay going to fun dinner party thing now. and tomorrow i work.


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