Tuesday, March 01, 2005


My little sweet pea is really sick. Fever of 103, sore throat, cough, she's sleeping a lot, no appetite, but thirsty. Poor little bunny. So no school for them this week. We're just hanging out at home. Sylvan is playing with his playmobil toys, in between epic bouts of Nintendo game cube playing.

I should be doing some type of work, but I'm feeling kind of lazy, and I always feel kind of scattered when the kids are sick.

  • I'm still not finished setting up my studio space in the living room, and I guess I'll work on that today. I haven't figured out the best way to do it yet, or what I need. Or if I even like that set up.
I've been thinking of the things I'll be doing in there, and then trying to go from there.

I guess I'll be
  • painting
  • drawing
  • sewing (and I have sooooo much fabric)
  • maybe making felt, but I usually do that in the kitchen
  • printmaking (gocco, silkscreen, other)
  • book making
And I want the kids to be able to hang out and do their artwork, and I'd like a place to hang up pictures for inspiration and design thinking. I'll need to store tons of random supplies neatly, oh and I'd like a comfy place to sit.


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