Saturday, May 21, 2005

art day in the city

Thursday I went down to the city to spend the day making art and hanging out with Laurel and Mati. I love their studio spaces. It would be so nice to have a dedicated space like that, separate from your house. Laurel's studio is painted in great bright colors and it was really a good place to work.

may 313


Sadly, the amazing drawing that Laurel did, would not print! It was highly frustrating, and we even tried twice. It was weird.

Mati's beautiful bird drawing did print though, and she used it to make super cool onesies for her baby-having friends.

may 320

here you can see Mati hard at work, with mr. Fargo doing his dead dog impression on the floor.

It was good to be able to spend some time with those guys and talk about art and life and draw stuff and share the gocco and eat lunch at Atlas. Next time...silkscreens!!

Oh and I've really been thinking about the jungle collaboration idea. That really needs to be done. It would be cool if Mati could make some of her people to walk through it, as sort of big lifesized colorful paper dolls maybe?


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