Friday, July 08, 2005

going camping

The kids and I are going camping for the weekend. We're leaving in just a few hours. We're going camping next weekend too! They are so excited.

I have to pack some projects for myself for the weekend. I'm really looking forward to just sitting in the woods and at the beach, working on things. I think I'll bring some business stuff, some embroidery, drawing materials and some feltmaking stuff.

Postcards from the exchange are still rolling in and they are beautiful! I have been bad, and am very late in sending them out! So sorry! They are done now and will be in the mail right away. Anyone else who is late, don't feel bad. Next week I'm going to scan them all and make a flickr gallery.


Anonymous spring said...

I am anxiously awaiting postcards. I've only gotten a few so far. I'm nervous though, I sent mine out over a week ago and people in towns very close by haven't recieved them yet?

12:11 PM  

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