Friday, July 01, 2005


My kids have had a problem this summer, and it's called constant bickering and fighting!! The classic sibling pattern, the deadly pester--->annoy---->hurt---> triangle. I must say that it is beyond annoying.

I've told them again and again like a broken record mom "In this family we treat each other kindly" "Please stop pestering/annoying/hurting your brother/sister!" "We could have a lot more fun if you two would remember that you can be friends" or my friend Dani's classic, "Stop that right now or I will scoop out your eyeballs with a tiny tiny spoon!"

Siblings must get something from that special relationship though, because jeez, they wouldn't stop!

Today though, a miracle has occured, and my sweet intelligent children, all on their own have declared today (and every Friday, thank you lord!) to be "Brother and Sister Day". Sylvan says, I won't hurt her and she won't bug me! They have been kind to each other, talked and played and even hugged! We're all hanging out and having a nice time. I'm going to have to think of some reinforcing activities, and special things to go along with this. Brother and Sister day could become a nice family tradition that they will always remember. My secret hope is that their whole way of being with each other will shift because of it.

Happy Brother and Sister Day everyone!!!


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