Thursday, November 03, 2005

songs about ghosts

I'm working on a mix-cd for an exchange, and it's supposed to be on a theme. That's all she said. She gave the examples of train songs, sleighbells, or yummy food songs.

My current working idea is songs about ghosts. Other ideas have been :royalty, the five senses, sheesh I don't know.

I had to remove that link, I just read that they said please no direct linking

Good sources of free music I have come across in this endeavor:
ready rock moe rex has interesting stuff and it's punctuated by nice artwork and photos
and there's epitonic

There are many more as well. I like the mp3 blogs that write a bit about the music and link to the songs.

Anyway, thoughts, ideas and suggestions are welcome!

p.s. I just thought that I should tell you that I love Mike Doughty. His voice makes my heart kind of hurt in a pleasant way. (and amazon has a free mp3 for you)


Blogger laurel said...

i love him, too - i think his songwriting is brilliant

8:20 PM  

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