Friday, January 06, 2006

long dark night

It's terrible when your children are sick. Z was so sick last night, she couldn't even keep a teaspoon of water down for longer than 20 minutes. I was afraid that I'd have to take her to the hospital. I was actually really afraid and had a bit of a difficult night. She's feeling a bit better now, and hasn't thrown up for the past 4 hours or so, and has had several drinks of water and a bit of popsicle. The popsicle actually might be a bit challenging for her. I'm brewing her some nice ginger tea right now that hopefully will be soothing.

S was feeling pretty lousy yesterday too I think, he has a deep cough that keeps him awake late into the night. Even with the inhaler that our doctor prescribed, and the humidifier. Actually, I think they both had trouble using the inhaler thingy. I used it and it helped me feel much much better.

Z is supposed to use the inhaler, and take antibiotics and lots of rest and fluids, but the antibiotics made her throw up as soon as she tasted them.

Scott was wonderful, and is getting quite the first month of "step parenthood" right from the frenetic holiday week, straight into pneumonia with constant vomiting. He's taking it really well (at least outwardly) and has been extremely supportive and helpful and kind and he gives very calming hugs.

Our doctor is also amazing. When she left for the second time last night, Scott was just sort of shaking his head. "She makes housecalls at 10 o'clock!" She called when she was getting off her shift at Kaiser and said, I'm going home now, I can stop by to see her if you want me to. So of course I said yes, and she came over and fed her spoonfuls of ice chips and checked out her heart rate and respiration and level of dehydration. When Z told her that the medicine was so yucky that it made her puke, our doctor asked if I would get it so that she could try a taste. That's just so cool.

I am so very thankful for her, and I hope that she stays around here for a long long time. She's a rarity and she makes a huge difference.


Blogger mati rose said...

wow, that is an amazing woman! it's such a hard thing to get to the dr's when you are feeling so sick, i wish they all made housecalls! i hope you all feel better soon.

2:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How did you find this Doc?

6:15 PM  
Blogger storymom said...

Aww, poor babies! No picnic for you, either. I *still* remember one night a couple of years ago when I couldn't get my son's 103-104 fever down, and was without a car because my husband was at work. Scary, panic-inducing things like that are no fun!

Hope everyone is feeling better very soon. Thank goodness you have a doctor who really cares!

8:26 PM  

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