Wednesday, August 30, 2006

big projects.more cooking. some funny pictures

My kids are still not back at school yet, and when they do return to school next week, it is again, only part time. We home school and then they go two or three days each week to school. A great compromise solution for our family.

This year, I'm trying to scramble around less, and get back to the way I wanted home schooling to be. Doing interesting things with the kids, taking them places, creating opportunities that they wouldn't have if they were in school full time.

We've decided that each of the kids will have one major project each. Z has decided that hers will be making a podcast! I'm thrilled with this project, and I think she'll learn a lot. It's actually a video podcast, and it's called "Chef's Hat" and it's a cooking podcast for kids. We've already filmed an episode and I'm working on editing it. She has a whole season of recipes planned out. The show will teach people, kids and adults, how to cook a whole range of things that we think most kids will eat.

She hosts the show and does all of the cooking all by herself! It makes me feel very proud.

Sylvan is thinking of doing his project on robotics, and working with Scott, but he's not fully decided yet.

I should be painting every minute of the day, probably. I have two shows coming up in October and I'm not at all ready. Instead, I just want to cook. Right now I have two savory tarts in the oven.

Check out this funny photo set from Scott's Birthday BBQ, photos by Will n Heidi.


Blogger dragon's monkee said...

sylvan might wanna check out a book called '123 robotics experiments for the evil genius'... the beginning of the book is pretty basic involving a minimal amount of skills, then progresses all the way up to integrating a GPS unit into a robot. and Make issue 6 has a bunch of great stuff too, including tips on what to salvage out of old electronics.

7:11 PM  
Blogger zelia said...

cool! thanks Will, that book sounds perfect, since an evil genius is what he'd like to be when he grows up.

7:37 PM  

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