Monday, October 30, 2006

hi there...remember me?

I think that I've recovered from open studios now! It was so fun and very tiring! I didn't take many photos because I was so busy talking with people and watching people and looking at all of the art.

I bought a few pieces and traded for some things and sold some things and it was excellent.

It took me a while to recover.

And then there's Halloween! My favorite holiday. (my photos of the kids are on Scott's computer, so I'll show those soon) S is going as a zombie nerd. He picked out some amazing clothes at various thrift stores, and his costume is creepy and nerdy as can be. He has a briefcase to collect his trick or treating candy in.

Z was going to be something, I can't remember what. Something weird. And then just a few days ago she decided to be the headless horseman! We had to scramble a bit, but I think we made it work.

Scott and I got to go to a real grown up's Halloween party, so we went as skeletons. I was inspired by the series of photos of last years Dia De Los Muertos in the mission. The ones that Gage made his paintings of. Oh, and Scott had his first pieces in a gallery show, he put two Day of the Dead photos in the "Calacas" show at Boomerang, and one sold!

This was one of my favorite costumes from the party. My friend Justine and her sister dressed up as the twins from the famous Diane Arbus photograph.


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you guys look fantastic!

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