Monday, November 08, 2004

more talking about work and things

One more hour until the kids come home. I got a slow start on working today. I ran errands, shipping, banking, groceries, etc. Did the thrift store circuit, and found nothing, darn it. But I did sell 80$ worth of yarn today on ebay which is excellent, and needed! I have 18 more of the small paintings started to replace the ones that have sold at Moxie, and I also started one big painting. Tomorrow I'll be working on those some more.

I am trying to find some time for planning. I have an appointment with the small business development center in about a week and a half, and I need to have a business plan. I'm worried that I'll miss the xmas shopping season, that I won't have any products ready, and I also just don't have much good inventory for ebay right now.

I wish that I could just focus on one thing, on developing my artwork, getting to where I am making the artwork that I want to make, getting shows, making my website. But I don't know if I trust that I can support us that way, and very soon I'll have school on top of everything.

Okay, to the kitchen now, dirty dishes are calling.


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