Wednesday, February 09, 2005

frantic painting

It's frantic painting day here . I get to put something in a show that hangs on Friday, and I totally procrastinated. I have a painting or two lying around that would work, but I want to do something special. I also have a painting promised to a friend that I need to deliver today or tomorrow.

I have 6 packages to ship today, because my ebay listings went well this week. I got an A on my first photography class assignmnent, but I'm still waiting for my text books to get here for my other class, so that I can do the reading.

So far, online college feels a bit weird and dangerously easy to forget about.

S is trying to advise me against flaking out and jumping into a different project, right when I have my woolly empire starting. But a friend hired me, this week to photograph a house she has for sale, and it was fun and it paid very well, and she was super happy with my work.

I've been doing a bit of research and it seems like a neat little niche market, especially since so much of the real estate photography is godawful. And if I measure the two business ideas in how much work it is to make...oh, say $1,000 per month. The photography would take something like three clients and the feltmaking business would take selling nearly 200 kits to make $1,000 profit. Which is less likely and a lot more labor intensive.

So anyway, I'm thinking that I'll keep working on starting my wool-centered business, but keep looking into the photography stuff. It would just take the money from 5 or 6 clients (if S would let me use his camera that much or I could rent equipment) to be able to afford my own super sweet Nikon.

I'll get business plans down on paper....after I'm finished painting that is!


Blogger mati rose said...

i know you're not in sf, but you should check out the ren center's biz class. so good! i think.

10:07 AM  

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