Wednesday, April 20, 2005

busy busy!!

I've been so busy, it's been pretty fun. Tomorrow, we finish the living room staging project. The room already looks so different. So grown up! It's kind of weird. Spring helped me find a super sweet 1950's era dining room thing, I think it's called a buffet. Anyways it's great and it has these sliding doors that are covered in woven grass paper, and it has inset handles that are black metal and shaped like stylized flowers. The paper was all gross and stained and I thought that I'd need to recover it, and paint the whole cabinet, but I just had to spraypaint the doors and it looks great! I'm using it for the tv, vcr, dvd player and game cube, and it makes me feel like a real adult because all the wires and everything fit inside of it, and aren't in a big tangled mass on the floor.

I made a ton of cute stuff for Moxie this weekend, but I didn't photograph it, because my camera was busy taking pictures of my neighbor's beautiful new baby girl, Avery Ophelia. Z calls her the peach baby.

I found out that I get to have a solo show at Moxie in October, so that is exciting.

Also, it was my son's birthday this week. He is 11 now!! 11!!!! He's as tall as me now and he's the best kid ever.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah! your house is so grown up. It's weird when you finally feel grown up. For me it was when I was 32 and I got real built in bookcases. strange how that works.

9:55 AM  
Blogger mati rose said...

such good stuff happenin'! yea! my school ends in 3 wks- let us make gocco/silk screen art then!

11:44 AM  

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