Friday, November 25, 2005

good gravy!

I hurt myself with food and wine last night. I don't know what came over me! I think that it was the goodness of the garlic mashed potatoes and the crazy spicy turkey that Aaron made from a recipe out of Esquire magazine. It was rubbed with a blend of coffee and pepper and cloves and it made it taste really different and good, plus it made an amazing gravy. Gravy is my Thanksgiving specialty, I love to be the one to cook the gravy. And we didn't eat until so late, we had all day to sit around and drink wine.

Sylvan beat our friend Brian who is normally the champion, at their private competitive eating championship. When we left, Brian was passed out drooling in a chair, and Sylvan was looking for more pie.

Ah, the holidays!

Today we celebrate buy nothing day, which should be easy. We'll stay home packing boxes and listening to books on tape. It's grey outside and raining steadily.

Hope your holiday was lovely!


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