Tuesday, November 15, 2005

weekend clutter reduction report

It was a busy weekend! I took several carloads of things to the goodwill, and a pickup truck worth of things to the dump. I have the kids' rooms pretty much ready to go, and I've hired some guys to come and help me today with the insane Cecil Bruner (sp?) rose hedge that is entirely out of control. My yard looks crummy and all of my tools are broken! No lawnmower, no weed whacker thing, and winter is the grass growing season here because in the summer we get no rain. My new house has no grass, so I won't be needing those things!

Scott and I are both swinging wildly between joy and panic. I feel like living together at this point is the right thing and I couldn't be happier about that, but sometimes I feel like the house is too expensive for what it is. And then I feel like I love the house and it will be great, and then I freak out...


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