Tuesday, November 08, 2005

blog ideas

Ideas that I have for other blogs (some would make fun collaborative projects if anyone is interested)

with Scott (in the works)
Thrift blog
Parenting and homeschooling blog
House Idea blog ( I've been wanting to do this for a long time...photos of people's houses, real people with low to medium incomes who have done creative things with their houses or made weird spaces work, and ideas for having a cool house on the cheap). I'd need help with this one for sure, but it would be lots of fun.
Resource blog which would be sort of a clearinghouse of resources for artists and stuff.

In other news...I'm taking the kids and Scott to see the house this evening. This is very exciting. It's really taking me by surprise, this moving urge. Sometimes I really love my current house, but this one is just so much better! I feel like I would be moving into a great community for my kids, and I would have a studio and possibly other wonderful things that would greatly enhance my life.

I can't stop thinking about this house.


Blogger kate said...

Damn straight. I would LOVE to see you guys in this neighborhood!!!! Good luck. . .I'll think positive thoughts and send super-powerful positive vibes. . . .

2:08 PM  

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