Saturday, November 05, 2005

short notice....great show


If you can, you should come out tonight to "Post No Bills" at A Street Gallery in Santa Rosa 5:30-8:00 p.m. I took some of my posters by there this afternoon (Jayson Taylor printed them for me, and kindly included them in this show), and the show looks great! Lots of really intriguing graphics and classic punk rock posters , and just cool stuff.

Here is the Bohemian's write up of it:

New poster show hails silk-screened street art

Much like celebrity impersonation or high school arson, flyering is probably too much of a niche subject to warrant an official Flyering 101 workshop. But anyone who tacks up flyers for more than a couple years learns a few basic things while out on the town with a Kinko's bag and an Arrow T-50 stapler. Know your street poles--metal or wood? Be sensible and avoid spots where your flyers will get torn down. Be respectful and never cover up another flyer for a show that hasn't happened yet. And never, ever fuck with the silk-screens.

Silk-screened flyers are a rare labor of love on city street poles. Most flyers are hastily photocopied, thrown-together affairs, made to be forgotten as soon as the event is over. Silk-screened flyers, however, require time, precision, noxious fumes and an artistic dedication. Some are remembered; many inevitably fall victim to rainfall and exhaust fumes.

This weekend, the silk-screens receive their due respect with "Post No Bills," a museum-worthy collection of silk-screened posters by tattoo artists Joe Leonard and Jared Powell, musicians Josh Staples and Fury, and workaholic samaritan Jayson Taylor, local artists who have been perfecting the medium for several years. This modern design gang takes color separations to new levels, most recently experimenting with copper and vinyl, but flyers are the standby, and "Post No Bills" posts plenty. (Gabe Meline)


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