Tuesday, November 29, 2005


A few things:

Firefox 1.5 is out, so go and download it!

I got a nice commission for a painting today. (Hi Linda, if you're reading this!)

I've been xmas shopping a lot. Scott is probably going to be getting too many gifts this year.

Did any of you ever read ElfQuest? I remember reading the heck out of that comic book series when I was around 12, and I'm thinking of getting it for Sylvan for a present. I remember the series as being exciting and addictive. Any thoughts?

Oh, and I've been thinking about holiday traditions a lot lately as well. I want to establish some new ones this year. The one that I have from my family is Christmas Eve fondue, and I still do that every year. In my family growing up, it worked like this...my dad would take us kids to see a movie in the afternoon, giving my mom some last minute time to herseslf, and then we'd come home and eat a fondue feast and then we'd each open one gift.

I do the fondue and the one gift, but not the movie, and I usually have other people over besides the nuclear family, which makes it more fun.

For a while, when I was little I remember my dad would read Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" to us for several nights in a row. I want to do something like that I think, but maybe with a different book. Any suggestions?


Blogger amanda said...

oh my gosh, my family does the same thing (even though i'm not there on christmas eve anymore....these things happen once you get married i guess). we always have fondu and open one gift. usually the gift was a new pair of p.j's that we could wear to bed that night.

a tradition in my family on christmas day is a brunch. after the presents are all opened a yummy brunch is served up, complete with mimosas! nothing formal, just a nice meal with family....and mimosas!

7:37 PM  
Blogger Meredith said...

Wow, that's so cool that it's your family tradition too! Our gift was usually some sort of board game that we could all play.

Christmas day brunch with mimosas sounds really nice!

8:02 PM  
Blogger jessamynit said...

I love the idea of a christmas eve fondue! too bad we have a few vegans now : ) (thanks a lot, brian henderson!)
I also love the idea of christmas mimosas.
our tradition was to do a huge christmas eve dinner, open one present, and in the morning eat eggs benedict for breakfast (every single year ever), open stockings, open presents. there was a bunch of "going to church" in there too, but I think I'll replace that with drinking champagne! : )

also, I totally read all the elfquests when I was 12ish and loved them! but, just in case you don't remember, there's kind of a lot of ... elf sex in them.

which is maybe part of why a preteen girl loved them : )

I mean, it was the story, definitely the story.

9:01 AM  
Blogger Meredith said...

Yeah, the fondue is definitely not vegan. Probably just the idea of it would make vegans ill, especially the way my family did it!

I do remember vaguely that there was a lot of sex in ElfQuest, hmm...maybe I'll get it for him next year instead.

Do you still do eggs benedict, Jessamyn?

10:11 AM  
Anonymous amyerin said...

i was a huuuuge Elfquest fan as a kid - i had the full-color compilation books, not the comics, but i'd recommend them to anyone - beautiful art, complex story. i agree on the elf sex bit, tho, and also on that being part of the allure for 12-year-old girls... tee hee!

ok, i'm admitting my geekiness here, but i actually went back on eBay and bought up all the ones i was missing from my childhood collection.

good luck finding them! and you can come to my house for a preview if you want... not all the books have elf orgies in them.

- amy erin (of amy and cliff fame)

3:14 PM  

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