Thursday, September 30, 2004

little wooden blocks

Some of the paintings in that photo are still in progress. My idea for this show is to do 30 or 4o paintings on these small blocks of wood that I got at Creative Reuse, and sell them for super cheap. $10-20 each, and I'll get %70 of that. I thought they would look neat in a large grouping, and I also want to do some that tell a little narrative story.

I get so discouraged though, because I can't make them look the way I want them to. I'm pretty good at color, but I can't draw well.

I want to continue to develop the embroidery idea too. I want to make it a bit more complex, but keep it simple too.

Check out this embroidery by Cayce Zavaglia. It's the polar opposite of mine. Photorealistic, and so much work! Very cool.


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