Tuesday, August 16, 2005

first vacation for real

This time it's really happening...the first vacation of my entire 11.5 years of parenting. Granted it's small and close to home, but I'm still very excited! Their grandma is going to come and stay with them for two days, and then they'll spend their normal day and a half with their dad. Giving me three and a half days with no responsibilities at all.

Scott and I are going to San Francisco for the weekend and we're going to wander around and go to museums and eat in restaurants and I'm going to make him go out with me at night.


Blogger kate said...

I am so happy for you! Yessss. Enjoy! Oh. . . and try to check out the Museo de Mechanique or something like that, down by Pier 39. Amazing warehouse of old old old nickelodeons, photo booths, and just creepy old machines. My favorites are the "jazz machine," where you put a couple of coins in and it just makes chaotic noise. The other is an opium den, where skeletons pop out of closets, and people sit around getting high, moving jerkily and slightly crazed.

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