Friday, October 01, 2004

neighborhood watch

Last night was the neighborhood watch meeting. We had really good turnout, around 20 or so people showed up. I think we are in a good position to get the nasty drug dealers out of here. We have the 30 million dollar greenway project, the newly renovated park, and the fancy $300/night hotel and convention center. I'd like to meet again, without the police department representatives, with just the neighbors so that we can make a plan for how we're going to get them out of here.

I think the basic strategy is for us to use our park a lot, and for us to just call on every illegal thing we see. To report abandoned cars and street camping right away.

Since the drug dealers have been hanging out at the park all day, every day, none of us have wanted to take our kids over there. I know I haven't been there with the kids for months. Some neighbors are saying they've found needles and human feces over there. That's messed up.


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